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Setting a ‘High’ Standard

We at Purple Panda are passionate about becoming the best online weed dispensary Canada has ever seen. We believe in good products, fair pricing, and top-notch customer service

About Us

Purple Panda is a Canadian online cannabis dispensary with a passion for good weed and even better customer service. We all remember the days of waiting for scary strangers on street corners, but thankfully those days are over. Now, we’re proud of how we provide an easy, convenient, and user-friendly experience to our clients. We specialize in high-quality cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes, while also making sure that you’re getting the best bud for your buck! Along with all the different strains of cannabis that we stock, you can also get your fill of edibles, vapes, CBD, extracts, and even buy magic mushrooms online from our store.

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Our Range

We have a variety of different recreational and medicinal items in our range, including cannabis, vapes, edibles, magic mushrooms, extracts, and CBD products, to help you unwind, have fun, and even do some valuable soul searching.

Whether you’re looking to order edibles online or browse for your new favorite strain, Purple Panda has got you covered.


Express Cannabis Delivery

One of the ways that we set ourselves apart from your average dispensary is through our express delivery service. We’ve all been there – work has finished early and you’ve gotten home, but your jar is empty and the nearest dispensary is miles away. With our service, you could have a box of premium pre-rolls, a bag of bodacious buds, or a package of enticing edibles at your door in just three hours!

We’re based in both the Greater Toronto Area, with our delivery service covering:

If you’re in any of these cities and need a little pick me up, you know where to go!


$60 Minimum Free Delivery

  • Etobicoke/Malton
  • Mississauga/Oakville

$200 Minimum Delivery

  • Toronto/East York
  • Brampton/Burlington

High Thoughts, Low Prices

We pride ourselves on supplying premium, top-shelf weed without the top-shelf markups. Some dispensaries will charge an arm and a leg for the newest “flavors”, but we believe in fair, affordable prices for good products at every level of quality and breed.

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    Canada Wide Mail Orders

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    Secure Transactions

Canada Wide Mail Orders

Purple Panda offers discreet mail orders to all provinces in Canada, we have new list of products everyday to serve your needs whether its recreational or medinical use. We ship the next business day from Monday-Thursdays, EMT payment is required for all mail orders



Register for an account first , then head on over to our shop selection



At check out choose mail order. We only accept EMT payments for mail orders



Once payment has been made we will process your order . It will be shipped out within 24 hours. A tracking will be provided , expect delivery to take 2-5 business days .


While we stock all sorts of products to make you feel great, we’re experts and lovers of cannabis at heart. We offer a wide range of buds each with different highs, flavors, and aromas, so you can find the perfect joint-filler, bowl-packer, or pipe clearer to suit your tastes

Strain Families

We stock the three main families of cannabis at Purple Panda, each of which has its own qualities.

  • Indica: These are your bedtime buds, great for relaxing at the end of the day and for treating stress and anxiety.
  • Sativa: Smoke up some Sativa for a boost of energy and creativity, perfect for a sunny summer’s day with friends!
  • Hybrid: Get the best of both worlds with our Hybrid range, bringing together the sensations and flavors of Indica and Sativa for something totally unique.

Potent Cannabis Alert

click here to try our rare top shelf hand picked craft cannabis


Our Classifications

Get the best of both worlds with our Hybrid range, bringing together the sensations and flavors of Indica and Sativa for something totally unique.

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    2- Star

    Very affordable , entry level quality

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    Tried, tested, and affordable.

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    A step up in terms of taste, high, and quality.

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    Top-shelf buds for those special occasions.


30% Off for first time customers, use code PPANDA30 at checkout

Additional $20 credit for first time customers when you create a rewards account, redeemable on second purchase

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