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Shatter is known to be the purest form of cannabis extract. Shatter by Westcoast Express is a concentrate made of Hybrid strains that contains premium material and delivers astonishing effects. This Shatter is ideal for medical use.

Shatter by Westcoast Express provides high-end quality and reliability with a brilliant selection of cannabis medical extracts and a generous selection of strains.

Recommendations for Safe Storage
Shatter is an extremely pure and clean cannabis extract. Storing it properly and accordingly is essential in order to ensure that this premium concentrate remains clean and free of debris. It is highly recommended to use gloves or parchment paper when handling shatter to keep any oils and bacteria away.

Store shatter in an airtight and lightproof container. This will prevent the degradation that improper storage would cause, which would eventually lead to this concentrate losing its initial consistency, flavour and potency.

And a great tip, for freezer storage, uses parchment paper to separate individual dabs. This will make it very easy to handle.

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