TRIPNOTIK – Mushroom Gummies [4g]


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Experience the Tripnotik Effect with Magic Mushroom Gummies:

Tripnotik Mushroom Gummies combine a sharp and refreshing fruity flavour with a significant 4000mg dose of psilocybin. These gummies are crafted for an extraordinary experience, suitable for both expert users and those new to psychedelic adventures.

Taste Profile: The fruity flavour profile is designed to awaken the senses with the enjoyable texture of a gummy candy.

Consistency and Versatility: Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut or just starting out, Tripnotik Gummies are an excellent choice. The consistent 4000mg psilocybin content allows for a predictable and controlled micro-dosing experience, enabling users to explore psilocybin’s effects at their own pace.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Tripnotik gummies do more than offer a psychedelic trip; they provide the known benefits of psilocybin, such as mood enhancement, creativity boost, and potential relief from mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

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